Telefonska kliješta metalna 4,6,8 HT-2008R

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  • OPIS

    Professional Modular crimping plier with ratchet

    crimping tool for modular plugs incl. wire cutter and stripping tool

    Tool for cutting and stripping unshielded ribbon telephone cables and for crimping 4-, 6-, 8-pole
    western plugs type RJ 10; RJ 11/12; RJ 45.

    - exact crimping process due to parallel crimping
    - repetitive, high crimping quality due to integral lock (self releasing mechanism)
    - optimum transmission of force due to lever action for fatigue reduced operation
    - with length cutter and dismantling knife for ribbon cables 6 and 12 mm length
    - head burnished
    - Dimensions: 310 x 117 x 20 mm