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Laboratorijski izvor,modul,50V 5A, Joy-IT JT-DPS5005

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  • Šifra proizvoda: 8203100049
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Jamstvo: 12 mjeseci Dostava: 5 radnih dana
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  • Joy-it

    Joy-IT, more than 20 years of experience in being different. We design and produce electronics that is always something special. German know-how at the pulse of time. Development, production and service from a single source. One of the pioneers of I.O.T. in Germany. The range reaches from small sensors over expansion boards up to high end PC and industrial systems. Here we always focus on highest quality, a high degree of flexibility and the needs of our customers! Simac Electronics is a pan-European manufacturer and developer of computer electronics and open source hardware. Under its own brand "Joy-IT", special systems and electronic components are sold by many well-known companies.


  • OPIS

    This programmable module for controlling voltage with a constant voltage and
    constant current brings together an analog integration and digital control functions in one device.
    This device has an internal storage and a color OLED Display with 3,6 cm (1.44'') to display important data.
    All required settings are set up with three buttons and a knob.

    This high precision and compact structure enables a huge area of application.
    High-quality components and the possibility of communication interfaces make this power supply stand out.

    In addition, you can supplement the laboratory power supply with the
    optionally available case, BT and USB modules.
    Thus your laboratory power supply receives a suitable case and you can communicate via
    USB or BT with the laboratory power supply, retrieve data and make settings.

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    Model DPS5005
    Special features:
    Remotely controlable, programmable, slim design
    Input Voltage 6 – 55 V (DC)
    Output Voltage 0 - 50V
    Output Current 0 - 5A
    Output Power 0 - 250W
    Voltage Resolution 0.01 V
    Current Resolution 0.01 A
    Ripple 100mV(pp) at max. workload
    Display Size 36,60 mm, 1.44“
    Case Cut-Out 39 x 71 mm
    Dimensions 42 x 45 x 80 mm
    Weight 88 g