Termostat ugradbeni, -55 do +125 °C , TSM-125

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    The new temperature switch module TSM 125 is ideal for all applications
    where temperature control in heating or cooling is required.

    His external, plug-in sensor detects temperature ranges from -55 to +125.0 degrees Celsius.
    The switching temperature is set in 1 degree increments.
    12.7 mm LEDs show the on and off temperature, the current temperature and the Min./ Max value too.
    A red LED signals also "heating", a yellow "cooling", a further illuminates when the relay is on.
    The electronic temperature swich is not only clear and easy to use,but also safe to use -
    a short-circuit of the sensor and sensorbreak will detected immediately.

    The device can be used independently, but also serve as a replacement
    for defective mechanical thermostats or digital thermometer.


    · switching temperature of -55 ... +125 ° C can be set free
    · indicate min. / max.
    · distance measurement up to 50 meters
    · serial interface
    · sensor monitoring for short circuit and interruption
    · relay switches off in case of sensor error
    · operating and unattended operation
    · adjustable for heating or cooling
    · LED indicators for relay, sensor fault, heating, cooling


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