Kit USB display za poruke, Velleman K8101

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  • Šifra proizvoda: 8090210081
339,00 kn u dućanu
322,05 kn
Isporučivo: 1 dan
Jednokratno plaćanje:
Internet bankarstvo (virman)
American Express, MasterCard, VISA, Maestro
Obročno plaćanje:
American Express 2-10 rata
  • Velleman

    Velleman je kompanija specijalizirana za elektroniku. Osnovana je 1975. godine u Belgiji. Velleman je renomirani proizvođač kit elektronike. Chipoteka vam nudi kablove, generatore funkcija, bušilice, prijemnike, kanalne predajnike, alarm simulatore, 3D pisače i pripadajuću dodatnu opremu marke Velleman.

  • OPIS

    Add another screen to your computer that shows the information you want!
    Even if your main screen is off.


    4 downloadable example programs with source code supplied
    Twitter Display: displays the incoming feeds
    Mail Display: shows incoming mail subjects
    Drive Display: shows info of your HDD
    Eyes Display: mouse movement and click animation
    DLL supplied to easily code your own applications ( - C#)
    1 Button with 2 programmable functions (short & long press)
    Equipped with a buzzer that can be configured through software
    A test program (with source code) can also be downloaded to test all functions of the kit (button, backlight, buzzer, LCD draw routines)
    Available commands:
    Send images to the display (.BMP 128x64)
    Draw or erase pixels
    Draw or erase a square
    Draw or erase a line
    Activate the buzzer by sending a beep amount (0-255)
    Activate the backlight by sending an "ON-time" (0-254 sec / 255 = always on)
    Send small or big text
    Change the contrast
    Invert the display
    Clear everything but the background image
    Clear everything
    Do something on a short button press
    Do something on a long button press


    LED - Backlight (white)
    LCD resolution: 128 x 64 pixels
    USB powered
    Max. power consumption: 35 mA
    dimensions: 77.5 x 60.5 x 38 mm