Tester za olovne akumulatore 30-180Ah, struja 100A

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    To test the performance of lead or lead / acid batteries, you can rely on this battery performance tests.
    Suitable as a tester for the rapid diagnosis can be used all 6 and 12-volt batteries such as in cars, motorcycles, wheelchairs, or solar battery.
    The measuring current is 100 A.
    During the test can be seen in the precise analog instrument, if the battery is still intact or already "faltering" ..
    At the scale of the analog instrument can be different battery sizes and battery types read.
    Furthermore, with this test device, the function of the starter and charging system of a vehicle can be checked!!
    This portable device is limited by its small size and high efficiency, especially suitable for garages and roadside assistance or for your own "car garage".
    It is an irreplaceable assistant at the Solar Plant, camping and all other areas, which are used in lead / lead acid batteries are used.

    Technical data:
    Suitable for batteries: 6 V and 12 V
    Batt. capacity: 30 Ah 180 Ah
    Measuring current: 100 amps
    Dim. (L x W x H): 290 x 110 x 75 mm
    Weight: 1,400 g


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