Regulator broja okretaja ventilatora, napon 12V

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  • H-tronic

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    The purpose of the device is to control the fan speed depending on the temperature.
    Any other use than specified in the manual is not allowed.

    Product description
    Automatic temperature control for standard DC fan (12V) installed in almost any PC to provide cooling.
    The device is equipped with a temperature sensor that controls the fan speed.
    The unit should be located so that it can optimally adjust cooling fan attached.
    This product has been tested in accordance with EC Directive - 89/336/EEC (EMC 11.09.1992, electromagnetic compatibility)
    and in accordance with the law.

    Operating conditions
    - The device may only be used for 12 V DC
    - Position of the unit is arbitrary
    - Powered device draws a maximum of 400 mA
    - Operating temperature - 0-40oC
    - In case of condensation of water vapor, wait two hours before switching on the unit
    - Protect from moisture, water vapor and overheating!
    - Cables with hazardous voltages (eg power supply) cannot touch the device and low-voltage cables, it must be secured away from them.

    Device type DC fan controller
    Rated current 0.4A
    Output voltage 5.5...11.4V DC
    Supply voltage 12V DC