Bužir termo 9.5 mm, crni, 2:1, 1 metar

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  • Tip: bužir termoskupljajući
  • Boja: crna
  • Unutarnji promjer: 9.5 mm
  • Šifra proizvoda: 2520009501
8,50 kn u dućanu
7,65 kn
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  • CYG

    YG Changtong New Material Co., Ltd(for short, CYG Changtong ) is a subordinate high-tech enterprise of CYG Group Ltd, which is the biggest base producing heat-shrinkable material in China(Stock Code: 600525). As a state-level high-tech enterprise, CYG Changtong is specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of pipeline corrosion protection materials. CYG Changtong has been assessed and registered as meeting the requirement of ISO9001, ISO14001, UCS and DVGW. Constant introduction of new application technology and new corrosion products enable CYG Changtong to be the lending brand in China pipeline anti corrosion.


  • OPIS

    Cijena za 1 metar !

    Heat-shrinkable tubing is universally applied for the insulation of connections or for the end-handling of electric wire,
    for the insulation of soldered points on resistors and capacitors, for the identification and encapsulation of electric wire,
    for the corrosion-proofing of metallic rods or tubes and for the protection of antennas.
    Heat-shrinkable tubes are used for the corrosion-proof and waterproof connection of fibre optic cable.
    This is thin-walled, flexible, irradiated polyolefin tubing with a smooth exterior.
    It offers excellent tensile strength and low water absorption.
    The max. shrinking ratio is 50% and the material is flame-retardant.

    tehnički podaci:

    proizvođač CYG
    omjer skupljanja 2:1
    promjer prije skupljanja 9,5mm
    dužina 1m
    boja crna
    Materjial polyolefine
    promjer nakon skupljanja 4,75mm
    radna temperatura -55...105°C
    temperatura stiskanja 90°C min.


Tip bužir termoskupljajući
Boja crna
Unutarnji promjer 9.5 mm