osigurač 0,08 brzi 5 x 20, SIBA

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  • Tip: stakleni osigurači
  • Montaža: kućište
  • Dimenzije: 5 x 20 mm
  • Šifra proizvoda: 3730130001
5,50 kn u dućanu
4,95 kn
Isporučivo: 1 dan
Jednokratno plaćanje:
Internet bankarstvo (virman)
American Express, MasterCard, VISA, Maestro
Obročno plaćanje:
American Express 2-10 rata
  • Siba

    Our products are always in the background. But there they keep guard, unobtrusively preserving your personnel from harm and ensuring that your machines are optimally safeguarded and your plant and installations are soundly protected. Best quality, our own proprietary product developments and meticulous monitoring of our production guarantee that our fuses are always at the ready when you need them. For our products come into action before any major damage can occur. Seen in this light, fuses are a very important investment. Our core business is the whole world of fuses

  • OPIS

    Fuse type fuse
    Fuse characteristics quick blow
    Fuse kind ceramic, miniature
    Breaking capacity 1.5kA
    Rated current 0.08A
    Rated voltage 250V AC
    Fuse size 5x20mm
    Breaking characteristics 1,5 In: min 1 h, 2,1 In: max 30 min., 2,75 In: min 10 ms, 2,75 In: max 2 s, 4 In: max 300 ms, 4 In: max 3 s, 10 In: max 20 ms
    Max voltage drop 7.6V


Tip stakleni osigurači
Montaža kućište
Dimenzije 5 x 20 mm