KIT elektronsko paljenje za motore, Velleman K2543

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  • Velleman

    Velleman je kompanija specijalizirana za elektroniku. Osnovana je 1975. godine u Belgiji. Velleman je renomirani proizvođač kit elektronike. Chipoteka vam nudi kablove, generatore funkcija, bušilice, prijemnike, kanalne predajnike, alarm simulatore, 3D pisače i pripadajuću dodatnu opremu marke Velleman.

  • OPIS

    Gives your car a better starting and smoother running, particularly at very high and very low RPM.
    Even the most sceptical one has to admit that the electronic ignition system
    has a great advantage over the conventional ignition system.
    Car constructors now mount such a new system on their most expensive models.

    Only for petrol/gasoline engines and for cars with negative ground.


    completely shockproof
    practically test on 2-4-6-8 cylinder engines during a total amount of 2.500.000 km
    principle: transistorized ignition
    connection element: Darlington transistor, triple diffused
    the advantages are:
    better ignition
    less air pollution
    lower fuel consumption
    lower servicing costs
    visible less wear of the breaking points, which means a constant calibrated state


    for use with 6V and 12V systems
    max. current: 4A
    typical firing period: 2.000 µ second
    connection speed: up to 500kHz
    PCB dimensions: 70 x 35mm



    For use on a 6V system replace next parts :
    R1 and R2 : 150 ohm / 1W
    R3 : 68 ohm 1/4W
    R5, R6 and R7 : 68 ohm / 1W