Mikroskop digitalni DNT DIGI PROFI, 5MP, 300x

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    Digital microscope with up to 300x magnification, 5 million pixel resolution

    The DigiMicro Dual-Axis Profi is equipped with a dual-axis lens. The height of the stand is precisely adjustable to enable difficult shots.

    Other features include 8 white LEDs for lighting up the object and specialized software for high-precision measurements.

    How does the DigiMicro Profi work?

    DigiMicro Profi works like a digital camera: the objects are magnified, photographed or filmed and the images immediately
    transferred to the computer or laptop via the USB port.
    An image resolution of 5.0 million pixels enables the DigiMicro Profi to capture even the smallest details.

    Areas of application - also ideal for use in industry and research

    Its digital technology opens up a completely new and exciting range of applications.
    DigiMicro Profi is suitable not only for school or hobbyists, but also for professional research applications,
    for instance in conjunction with industrial surface inspections.
    Store photos and videos captured on the microscope or e-mail to friends or business partners at the touch of a button.


    •Connection via USB 2.0

    •Power supply via USB port

    •Works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac 10.6 or higher (measuring software only works with Windows)