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    World Adapter Pro
    for European residents traveling abroad
    - The smallest fully grounded 3 - pin adapter in the market
    - Connects the appliances with all 3 - pole earthed plugs class I and II throughout the world
    - The types of telescopic plugs: Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, China, USA, Japan
    - The security key to block the position and pull the plug out
    - AC 100V - 250V / 10A max, there is no voltage converter
    - The original extensible pin solution
    - Design and development of Switzerland
    - Safe design, the highest user protection
    - Colour: White
    - Packaging: blister

    A world of possibilities
    This compact travel adapter ensures safe connection of all 2- and 3-pole devices from Europe around the world,
    no matter how exotic the mains socket standard appears to be!

    Unlimited mobility: travel in over 150 countries worldwide
    Small on the outside, compact and robust, the real size of the World Adapter Pro is
    only revealed in the inside, which has been thought through down to the last detail.
    Compliance with international safety standards makes it stand out from the crowd of normal travel adapters.
    Its patented all-in-one country slider system, which includes five country plugs, offers simply boundless freedom and flexibility.
    Whether you travel to England, Colorado or Queensland – with the World Adapter Pro you always stay independent
    from the specific socket at your destination.

    Laptops turn into globetrotters
    Its high performance of up to 2500W makes it unique in the use of both 3-pole, earthed devices such as
    laptops and hairdryers, and also 2-pole equipment with Euro plug in more than 150 countries worldwide.

    Swiss quality
    "Designed in Switzerland" gets to the heart of the elegant, lightweight device's character: absolutely safe,
    always reliable and the highest possible quality - if you take this Swiss gadget on tour you will never have any connection problems again.


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