kabel koaks RG 59 BU crni 75R 7mm ,CCS, Emos

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  • OPIS

    Basic product description

    Type RG59 universal coaxial cable with central conductor made of pure bare copper, black colour.
    The cable is resistant to UV radiation.
    The cable is designed for communication antenna mains and short-distance cabling or for computer networks.

    Product parameters
    intended use CCTV cabling
    coaxial cable type RG59B/U
    diameter of the inner conductor 0,58 mm
    material of the inner conductor copper plated steel CCS
    suitable for outdoor use no
    UV resistant yes
    number of braiding wires 128× 0.12 mm
    diameter of cable sheath 6.05 mm
    material of the cable jacket PVC
    impedance 75 Ohm
    number of shieldings 1
    shielding I. foil yes
    shielding II. foil none
    dielectric type, diameter SPE 3.7 mm
    material of the shielding copper clad aluminium (CCA)
    shielding diameter 128× 0.12 mm2
    shielding protection >95 %
    color cable sheath > Cable sheath color black
    capacity (pF/m) 70
    factor of shortening 0.66
    max. attenuation at 20 °C (dB/100 m) 10 MHz 3
    max. attenuation at 20 °C (dB/100 m) 100 MHz 9
    max. attenuation at 20 °C (dB/100 m) 450 MHz 20
    max. attenuation at 20 °C (dB/100 m) 650 MHz 28
    max. attenuation at 20 °C (dB/100 m) 860 MHz 32
    min. return loss at 20°C (dB) 300 to 600 MHz 16
    min. return loss at 20 °C (dB) 600 to 900 MHz 16
    min. shielding attenuation (dB) 10 ~ 800 MHz 65
    PE = polyethylene dielectric SPE
    max. DC resistance at 20 °C (Ohm/km) - inner core 170
    max. DC resistance at 20 °C (Ohm/km) - outer core 17
    insulation resistance between the cores at 20 °C (MOhm/km) >10 000
    min. bend radius single/multiple 25/50 mm
    weight (kg/km) 55
    min. return loss at 20 °C (dB) 10 to 300 MHz 20
    storage temperature -20 °C to +75 °C
    mounting temperature +5 °C to +60 °C
    type of packaging - length 100 m
    type of packaging - type of coil paper
    type of packaging - labeled yardage > Type of packaging - labeled meters 1–100 m
    PES = layer film no
    FPE = Foam dielectric no
    APE = air dielectric no
    reaction to the fire Fca
    dangerous substances none
    packaging 100 m, reel
    warranty period 2 years


koaksijalni kabel RG-59 75 Ohma