Kit robot Tobbie II,sa MicroBit pločicom, Velleman KSR20

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  • Šifra proizvoda: 8090228115
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Dostava: 5 dana
12 x 47,42 kn | 24 x 25,37 kn
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  • Velleman

    Velleman je kompanija specijalizirana za elektroniku. Osnovana je 1975. godine u Belgiji. Velleman je renomirani proizvođač kit elektronike. Chipoteka vam nudi kablove, generatore funkcija, bušilice, prijemnike, kanalne predajnike, alarm simulatore, 3D pisače i pripadajuću dodatnu opremu marke Velleman.

  • OPIS

    A series of Robot Kits for the future engineer.
    Build this kit and find out how much fun electronics, mechanics or hydraulics can be!

    Tobbie II - your coolest and cleverest robot friend ever .
    Tobbie II is a construction robot, designed of 6 legs and a rotation-free body,
    possessing all necessary electronics, including motor, IR sensor, buzzer to make it active and interactive for fun.
    It is ideal to combine with Micro:bit, using your creation and imagination to make it code and program easily
    by Javascript Blocks Editor or Python Editor on your computer, laptop or smartphone .

    No need to download more coding software and driver at all.
    Thanks to this pocket programmable board, coding and programming becomes simple, accessible and interesting for children to learn and practice.
    With the main features of BBC Mirco:bit below, Tobbie II sparkles huge potential and brings you all the fantasy and excitement .


    a fun way to develop your STEM skills (Science - Technology - Engineering - Mathematics)
    recommended age: 14+

    Micro:bit programs available for download:
    Follow me
    Singing and Dancing
    Light tracker
    Notice board
    App for remote control (for Android 5.0 or later)


    dimensions: 136.8 x 125.8 x 176 mm
    power supply: 4 x AAA batteries (not incl.)
    micro:bit board: included
    number of pieces: 118