LED traka 24V RGB, 60x5050 LED/m, samoljepiva, IP65, 1 metar

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    LED traka RGB 24V 5050 60LED/m IP65 max. 12 W/m

    Cijena je za 1 metar !

    Technical parameters:

    - power supply: 24V DC
    - chip type: 5050
    - number of LED: 60/m
    - consumption: max. 12 W/m
    - color: RGB
    - luminous flux: 14 lm/LED
    - beam angle: 120°
    - protection: IP65 (splash-proof)
    - dimensions: 10 mm x 5 m
    - operating temperature: -25° to 85° C
    - double-sided self-adhesive 3M tape on the back - before application the surface must be cleaned of dirt and degreased

    Due to cooling, it is recommended to install the LED strip lights into aluminum profiles.
    Application to other surfaces may cause overheating and damage to the strips
    and may be considered as damage caused by improper use.