Adapter Arduino Uno na Raspberry Pi

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  • OPIS

    This adapter board allows you to use our range of Raspberry Pi boards with the Arduino Uno,
    Genuino UNO and other Arduino boards which use the same pin layout as the Uno design.

    The adapter connects the pins on the UNO to the Raspberry Pi header and has a level shifter chip to translate
    the voltages used by our Raspberry Pi HAT style boards.

    Solder jumpers are provided on the board so you can set the I2C bus to connect to either Arduino pins A4 and A5 or 16 and 17.

    This kit contains the following items:

    Adapter PCB Board
    Header pins for the Arduino / Genuino UNO
    Header pins for the Raspberry Pi GPIO header.

    Please note this kit requires a soldering iron and solder to assemble.

    The Arduino header pins need to be soldered from the top of the PCB board and the 2 rows of 20 pins headers
    need to be soldered from the bottom with the header pins on the top of the PCB boards to allow you to install the Raspberry Pi expansion boards.