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  • OPIS

    Flame Sensor Breakout

    1) can detect the flame or wavelength at 760 nm to 760 nm range of light, the lighter the test flame distance is 80 cm,
    on the flame, the greater the distance test
    2) the detection Angle of 60 degrees or so, particularly sensitive to the flame spectrum
    3) the sensitivity adjustable digital potentiometer to adjust (blue)
    4) the comparator output, signal clean, good waveform, driving ability is strong, for more than 15 ma
    5) with adjustable precision potentiometer sensitivity adjustment
    6) the working voltage of 3.3 V to 5 V
    7) output form: digital switch output (0 and 1)
    8) has a fixed bolt hole, convenient installation
    9) small board PCB size: 3.2 cm x 1.4 cm
    10) use the LM393 wide voltage comparator

    Module USES:

    1) the most sensitive to the flame, flame sensor, also responds to ordinary light, generally used for fire alarm purposes.
    2) small plate output interface can be directly connected to a microcontroller IO port
    3) sensor and fire to keep a certain distance, to avoid the damage of high temperature sensors,
    distance of the test flame for lighter is 80 cm, on the flame, the greater the distance test