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Instrument za mjerenje potrošnje energije-zidni, Brennenstuhl PM231E

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  • Šifra proizvoda: 6071050013
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  • Brennenstuhl

    The brennenstuhl® quality For over 60 years, the brennenstuhl® brand has stood for quality and safety. Our high-quality products in the field of electronics and electrical engineering are characterised by ingenuity and a passion for better. In order to offer you the best possible tools, we ensure the “Made in Germany” manufacturer’s guarantee is included and we offer generous warranties and competent service. brennenstuhl® stands for quality and innovation. This claim has been the guiding principle of our family enterprise in the development of new products for over 60 years. With millions of goods sold every year we have an obligation to set the bar high when it comes to design and performance. Quality and safety - at the international level - are our foremost concern. Our Multi-way Extensions product range is unique for its variety, design and performance. From common triple-outlet power strips to sophisticated high-tech strips with surge protectors, automatic operation and other intelligent features we are able to meet a wide variety of requirements. Our Cable Reel product range offers the right solution for any application, whether at home or for heavy-duty professional use. As the market leader in many countries, that goes without saying. In the Lighting area we rely on the fascinating powers of LED technology. Our LED spotlight programme reflects the dynamic developments in this area and offers attractive new solutions in terms of design, energy efficiency, and durability.


  • OPIS

    Sa mjeračem potrošnje energije PM231E u mogućnosti ste nadgledati potrošnju vaših kućanskih aparata na vrlo pristupačan način.
    Mjerač potrošnje ima ugrađeno samo-napajanje u slučaju nestanka struje, te snimanje i alarm u slučaju preopterećenja.

    Svojstva uređaja

    Mjerenje napona, frekvencije,struje i energije;
    izračun ukupne potrošnje energije i troškova za energiju;
    mjerenje vremena u satima i minutama;
    2 pojedinačno podesive stope za električnu energiju (dan + noć),
    utičnica sa zaštitom od djece,
    dodane 3 LR 44 baterije da se podaci u slučaju nestanka struje mogu spremiti.

    Product description

    Energy power meter width wide range of display options.

    • Measuring of voltage, frequency, current, efficiency, factor and power output.
    • Calculation of the entire energy consumption and energy costs.
    • Measuring time in hours and minutes.
    • 2 individually adjustable current rates (day + night).
    • Childproof socket.
    • Inclusive 3 LR44 batteries for data storage in case of a power failure.

    General information

    • Type of protection:IP20
    • Nominal voltage:230 V ~ 50 Hz
    • Max. load:3600 W (230 V ~ 16 A)
    • Measuring range voltage:190 - 276 V AC
    • Measuring accuracy voltage:+/-1%
    • Measured range current:0.01 - 16 A
    • Measuring accuracy current:+/-1% or +/-0.01 A
    • Measuring range power:0.2 - 3600 W
    • Measuring accuracy power:+/-1% or +/-0.2 W
    • Power consumption range:0 - 9999.9 kWh
    • Measuring range frequency:45 - 65 Hz
    • Clock accuracy:+/- 1 minute per month
    • Power consumption:< 0.5 W
    • Operating temperature:-10 °C to +40 °C
    • Batteries:3 x 1.5 V LR44/AG13 button cells
    • Battery life:approx. 3 months without AC power