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Nit za 3D printer, ABS+ 1,75mm, SUPER plava, 1kg, Devil Design

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  • Devil design

    The company Devil Design was founded in 2012. Originally operated as a 3D printer parts, accessories and filament reseller, however in 2014 we started production of own filament used in 3D printers. Manufacturing our products we use only 100% original top brand row material. Thanks to the advanced technological process, our filaments ale best quality and bubbles free, therefore any impurities causing troubles in printing were eliminated. With long tests we conducted prior to filament the production start, we assure of fixed diameter and oval shape on the entire length. DD-kartonAll produced filaments are on spools, and to maintain the highest quality of our products are vacuum packed including desiccant. Finally filament is packed into a cardboard box with a label describing the contents. Our goal is to develop and strengthen the position of the producer in the market through the development of networks and distribution. We are looking for business partners in Europe. Our product range is constantly expanded and will soon appear new colors and materials.


  • OPIS

    Product description:
    Filament coiled on a bobbin vacuum packed together with a desiccant.
    Filament compared to standard ABS material it is characterized by a reduced shrinkage processing, improved bonding layers, and six times greater flow ratio.

    Diameter: 1,75mm
    Dimensional tolerance: +/- 0,05mm
    Roundness: +/- 0,02mm
    Manufacturer: Devil Design
    Weight: 1kg net
    Spool diameter: 200mm
    Spool width: ~ 70mm
    Diameter mounting hole: 52mm

    Hot end: 235-255 oC
    Heating bed: 90-100 oC
    It is recommended to use a cleaning sponge filament