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TRAKA dvostrana samoljepiva, akrilna, 18 mm x 3m

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  • EMOS

    Emos je kompanija specijalizirana za električne uređaje i komponente. Osnovana je 1991. godine u Češkoj. Emos je renomirani proizvođač baterija, rasvjetnih uređaja, kablova, uređaja za mjerenje temperature itd. Chipoteka vam nudi adaptere, antene, antenska kabelska pojačala, baterije, akumulatorske baterije, baterijske svjetiljke, punjače akumulatora, ispitivače napona, kablove, produžne kablove, noćne svjetiljke, prijenosne radio uređaje, termometre, termostate, vremenske stanice, testere za baterije, kuhinjske i osobne vage, bežična zvona, žarulje i auto pojačala marke Emos.


  • OPIS

    These AFT tapes have a very high transparency and are very well suited for the bonding of high and medium energy surfaces
    as well as glass and various transparent plastics where a highly transparent bond is required and no stress corrosion may occur.
    Due to their conformability they are capable of bonding a variety of different thin and structured materials full surface and tension free.
    The tapes are capable of absorbing the differing thermal expansions of the two different materials.
    Important is to avoid stress and tension on the bond during application.
    This 53-series maintain high impact resistance even at temperatures below 0 °Celsius.
    More advantages: vibration dampening, very good sealing properties, very good resistance to
    weathering, aging, yellowing (UV influence), chemicals, plasticizers, resulting in excellent long term stability.
    Applications are attaching light box/neon advertisements and signs, strip lighting assemblies etc.

    Have a closed cell structure which is wind and water resistant.
    Because they are 100% acrylic based, they will form an almost indestructible bond between the materials.
    This family is resistant to UV, ageing, softening agents and solvents (good plasticizer resistance).
    These tapes bond immediately and offer a perfect resistance to the peel and shear loads that can affect a bond.
    These types are very well suited to absorb dynamic loads as they are viscoelastic, they can act as a sealant,
    form a permanent tension free bond, and are suitable to bond many different types of synthetic materials.
    Our production facilities have more than 15 years of experience producing these acrylic foam tapes
    and are ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certified.

    Every good bond starts with good preparation.
    This preparation consists of several steps, such as cleaning, use of a primer and the right working area.
    Please ensure that your workshop area is in a dust free environment and has a minimum room temperature of ca. 15 °Celsius.
    Before you begin, always check how dirty the materials that you want to bond are.
    If they are highly contaminated with oil or grease, clean it with an industrial cleaner (SilverTape® Cleaner) or a heptanes solution.
    Even when the surface is clean, use our SilverTape® Cleaner, which is a 100% Isopropanol solution.
    Ensure that you wipe the surface in just one direction, so that the dirt is wiped off.
    If you do not do this you will always leave some dust or dirt on the substrate.
    The quality of the bond also depends largely on the contact that the two surfaces make with each other.
    Because of its viscoelasticity, the tape is able to flow into the microscopic pores of the materials.
    However, if there is a big surface mismatch or if the materials are not pressed together the bond will reach its end strength more slowly, or not at all. Therefore we advise you to put pressure on the bond of at least 100 kPa to allow the tape to make a perfect bond between the two materials.

    Peel Adhesion (ASTM D 3330): 300 N/100mm
    Normal Tensile (ASTM 897): 680 kPa
    Dynamic Shear: 610 kPa 20min.
    Static Shear (ASTM 3654): 540 kPa
    Solvent Resistance: Excellent
    UV Resistance: Excellent
    Temperature Resistance:
    Long term: 100 °C
    Short term: 160 °C
    Tape type fixing

    Width 18mm
    Length 3m
    Tape application fixing, sealing, mechanically demanding applications, bonding
    Thickness 0.5mm
    Adhesive type acrylic
    Colour transparent
    Tape features double-sided adhesive
    Resistance to UV rays, most of solvents, impact loads
    Similar models from other manufacturers 3M-4910
    Max operating temperature 100°C