Digitalni multimetar za razvrstavanje vodova, Voltcraft

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  • Voltcraft

    VOLTCRAFT® – The definition of excellence with 3 years warranty VOLTCRAFT® has a first class product portfolio in measuring and charging technology as well as in the areas of current and voltage supply. Passion for cutting-edge technology and high quality at an excellent price / performance ratio defines our brand. History Voltcraft® was born in 1982, the first self-developed product from the “Conrad Technology Centre” (CTC) was a digital multimeter called the Voltcraft® 6010. At the time the competitor RRP for a digital multimeter, with this technical specification, was 300 DM, which was a lot of money for a measuring instrument. The 6010, however, was offered for 139 DM, the people’s DMM was born and within the first year of introduction more than 100,000 units were sold. More VOLTCRAFT® products with technical features ahead of our competitors were launched. The legitimate successor of the 6010 was the VOLTCRAFT® VC 820. In the chargers field a great example is the VOLTCRAFT® B6 and in climate data loggers the VOLTCRAFT® DL 120 (or DL-100). All VOLTCRAFT® products, still adhere to our strict values of producing state of the art products that meet the highest quality standards and are still available at reasonable prices. Meanwhile, extending the VOLTCRAFT® product portfolio with innovative products is our number one aim. The range now consists of multimeters, chargers, power adapters, power supplies, infrared thermometers, energy-measuring devices, oscilloscopes, and many more products that are produced in international production facilities that meet the high quality standards of the European market. Quality control during manufacturing and regular inspections ensure a consistently high standard of quality. Voltcraft is a leading manufacturer of high quality test & measurement equipment, power supplies and charging technology. The brand has distinguished itself in the field of test and measurement technology with high quality products at a low cost representing impressive value for money. We recently celebrated our 30-year anniversary and increased the warranty on all products from two to three years.

  • OPIS

    Pomoću uređaja LZG-1 DMM bez pomoći druge osobe možete prepoznati do 16 žila jednog kabela.
    Jedino unaprijed treba znati maseni vodič ili referentni vod (npr.cijevi za grijanje ili vodu).
    Uređaj LZG-1 DMM dodatno sadrži i opsežne funkcije multimetra.
    Gumirana zaštita uređaja omogućava korištenje i u zahtjevnim uvjetima na gradilištima.

    Tehnički podaci

    Multimetar: CAT III 600 V
    Mjerni opseg napona AC: 1 mV – 600 V, DC: 0,1 mV – 600 V
    Mjerni opseg otpora: 0,1 ? – 20 M?

    Dimenzija proizvoda, dubina 44 mm
    Dimenzija proizvoda, visina 162 mm
    Dimenzija proizvoda, širina 75 mm
    Dodatne tehničke informacije Multimetar: CAT III 600 V
    Mjerni opseg napona AC 1 mV – 600 V, DC: 0,1 mV – 600 V
    Mjerni opseg otpora 0,1 ? – 20 M?
    Mjerne vrijednosti Identifikacija, vodljivost, prekid
    Opskrba naponom 2 blok baterije od 9 V/2 baterije AAA
    Prikladno za Vodovi bez napona
    Težina 310 g