HLADILO 14x14x10 mm , Fischer , pogodno za Raspberry Pi 3

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    for direct adhesive bonding to the component.
    Made of black anodized aluminum.

    Odgovara za Broadcom CPU chip

    The new Raspberry Pi 3 single-board computer is the same size and price as last year’s Raspberry Pi 2.
    But the new model has an updated processor which is said to offer a 60-percent performance boost over the older model.

    Unfortunately, with more power comes… more heat. While that might not be a problem for some workloads,
    Phoronix pushed the tiny computer to its limits while running a series of benchmarks recently,
    and notice that it gets much hotter under stress than its predecessor.

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    ICKBGA14X14X10 9,8 4 2,5 2,1