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  • PowerCube

    Our company vision a different standard. Eventually we want to get at least one of our products into every household worldwide, from the richest household in NYC to the most remote one in Malawi. This is a very ambitious vision, which influences everything we do, from design up to production and sales. Our products should also be widely available: from the largest hypermarket to the smallest neighborhood convenience store. This means that we need a well defined distribution model, with a clear role and value for every link in the distribution chain.

  • OPIS

    Design hub PowerCube comes with a packed news PowerCube EXTENDED REMOTE.
    The main feature of the product line "REMOTE" big orange button that can control all functions.
    One button connect / disconnect PowerCube from power, as well as strutting with a remote control REMOTE POWER.
    Take advantage of the latest technology from the repertoire of smart home! Control your drawers at a distance!
    The remote can strut with any number PowerCube "REMOTE" and operate the entire house, apartment or office from one place and at the same time.


    - REMOTE CONTROL Batteries are not required, the signal is transmitted at the touch of a button. Remote control range up to 25m
    - For simple and repeatable control stick to any surface it is applied nano pad
    - Unique tread "Step On" button on the remote control to turn on and off PowerCube REMOTE remotely by pressing the hand or foot


    Pair me 5 seconds! The uniqueness of the PowerCube "REMOTE" in the pairing system.
    Pair multiple remotes with one PowerCube REMOTE, as well as several PowerCube REMOTE with one remote control.
    The principle is always the same.
    Just press the button on the PowerCube REMOTE for 5 seconds until the LED blinks , then press a button on the remote control.
    This step is repeated for each additional PowerCube rEMOTE or rEMOTE POWER remote control.


    - Additional accessories EXTENDED REMOTE SET EXTENDED REMOTE
    - Batteries are not needed
    - The driver does not need a battery, a signal is transmitted at the touch of a button
    - The range is up to 20 meters
    - Mutually can pair several PowerCube REMOTE with multiple drivers simultaneously
    - Color: White