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  • Velleman

    Velleman je kompanija specijalizirana za elektroniku. Osnovana je 1975. godine u Belgiji. Velleman je renomirani proizvođač kit elektronike. Chipoteka vam nudi kablove, generatore funkcija, bušilice, prijemnike, kanalne predajnike, alarm simulatore, 3D pisače i pripadajuću dodatnu opremu marke Velleman.

  • OPIS

    The HPS140MK2 handheld oscilloscope still holds the same power as its predecessor, the HPS140, but in a new and modern design.
    Although small in size, this oscilloscope packs 40 MS/s in real time and it's sensitivity can go as low as 0.1 mV.
    It also has a full automatic measuring system but can be operated manually if preferred.

    Add the HPS141 option and use your HPS140MK2 as a versatile component tester.


    40 Mega samples/sec in real time
    bandwidth up to 10 MHz
    full auto range option
    sensitivity down to 0.1 mV
    signal markers for amplitude and time
    memory hold function
    direct audio power measurement
    HPS141: component tester for pocket scope HPS140MK2
    HPSPR1: X10 measuring probe
    HPSP1: protective pouch for Velleman Instruments

    tehnički podaci:

    - bandwidth: up to 10 MHz (-3dB or -4dB at selected ranges)
    input range: 1 mV to 20 V / division in 14 steps
    input coupling: DC, AC and GND
    real-time sample rate up to 40 MS/s
    AD resolution: 8 bits
    time base: 250 ns to 1 h per division
    auto set-up function (or manual)
    probe x10 readout option
    readouts: DC, AC + DC,True RMS, dBm, Vpp, Min-Max. (±2.5%)
    audio power measurement from 2 to 32 ohms
    hold & store function
    time and voltage markers readout
    max. 100 Vp AC + DC
    Monochrome OLED
    power supply: 4 x 1.5 V AAA batteries (not incl.)
    operating time: up to 8 hours on quality Alkaline batteries
    for use on CLASS II pollution degree II installations
    dimensions: 114 x 68 x 22 mm
    weight: 166 gr
    current consumption: max. 150 mA