LED reflektor 50 W hobby, Emos

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  • EMOS

    Emos je kompanija specijalizirana za električne uređaje i komponente. Osnovana je 1991. godine u Češkoj. Emos je renomirani proizvođač baterija, rasvjetnih uređaja, kablova, uređaja za mjerenje temperature itd. Chipoteka vam nudi adaptere, antene, antenska kabelska pojačala, baterije, akumulatorske baterije, baterijske svjetiljke, punjače akumulatora, ispitivače napona, kablove, produžne kablove, noćne svjetiljke, prijenosne radio uređaje, termometre, termostate, vremenske stanice, testere za baterije, kuhinjske i osobne vage, bežična zvona, žarulje i auto pojačala marke Emos.

  • OPIS

    Economical LED spotlight with brand power LED chip EPISTAR. EPISTAR is the largest manufacturer of LED technology in the world and is a pioneer in this field. The development of new technologies EPISTAR collaborates with world leading experts.

    LED spotlight is a full replacement for halogen spotlights with savings up to 70% energy. After turning on the lights instantly at full intensity,
    and is also suitable for frequent switching on and off.
    EPISTAR chip is placed on an aluminum plate connected with cooling fins, which provides excellent cooling.

    LED spotlight is all-metal design with safety glass is resistant to rain and humid environment, therefore, finds application for both indoor and outdoor use.

    It is suitable for lighting in buildings, workshops, entrances and gardens. It is also suitable as a working light.

    Along with long-life, low power consumption and minimum trouble, these LED spotlights quality and as a substitute for halogen headlights.

    Tehnički podaci:

    source of light LED
    power 50 W
    replacement of incandescent bulb 350 W
    IP rating IP65
    number of adapter plugs 0
    adapter plug type not stated
    luminous flux 3 200 lm
    color temperature 4 000–4 500 K
    light color cool white
    color rendering index (CRI) Ra >70
    beam angle 120°
    PIR sensor no
    detection range of PIR Sensor no PIR
    dimensions 285 × 230 × 150 mm
    colour black
    voltage 220–240 V
    current 242 mA
    frequency 50 Hz
    lifetime 30 000 hours
    supply cable length 30 cm
    lead-in cable material rubber
    lead-in cable type H05RN-F
    mechanical impact protection (IK) IK08
    material of the diffuser glass
    body material aluminum
    working temperature range -40 °C to +50 °C
    line HOBBY