Auto pojačalo MAC AUDIO Titanium Pro 1.0

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    Mac Audio je njemački brand specijaliziran za audio elektroniku. Na tržištu se pojavio prije više od 35 godina te je u vlasništvu američke kompanije Voxx International. Mac Audio je renomirani proizvođač auto zvučnika. Chipoteka vam nudi auto zvučnike, pojačala i subwoofere marke Mac Audio.

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    Thanks to excellent operational reliability and stability at an impedance of 1 Ohm, the Titanium Pro 1.0 subwoofer amplifier achieves sensational performance. The exclusive power supply unit with low-impedance capacitors with a capacity of 2 x 2200 µF reliably cushions any voltage peaks. In addition to a separate remote control for adjusting the desired level, which is mounted at a suitable location in the car, the Titanium Pro 1.0 brings a stepless phase controller directly on the device. Thanks to Full-Feature XO, a variable low-pass filter between 40 and 150 Hz and a variable sub-sonic filter between 15 and 40 Hz, each 12 dB per octave are integrated. A bass boost at 45 Hz from 0 dB up to 12 dB is also possible. In addition to the double-sided printed circuit board, the encapsulated metal-axis potentiometers also feature the Titanium Pro 1.0.


    Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted)
    > 100 dB

    Max. power output into 4 ohms ,14.4V (sine burst 2:8, 1 kHz)
    1500 W

    Max. power output into 2 ohms,14.4 V (sine burst 2:8, 1 kHz)
    1000 W

    Max. power output into 4 ohms, 14.4 V (sine burst 2:8, 1 kHz)
    600 W

    RMS power output into 2 ohms, 14.4V (DIN 45 324)
    500 W

    RMS power output into 4 ohms, 14.4V (DIN 45 324)
    300 W

    Input sensivity
    0.2 – 6 V

    < 0,08 % (100 Hz)