Instrument UT-171 C Industrijski True RMS Digital Multimeter, OLED

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  • Uni-trend

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  • OPIS

    UT171C is our new industrial true RMS datalogging multimeter.
    Its features are: OLED display, VFC, nS conductance measurement, variable square wave output,
    low impedance input, internal Li-ion battery, 4-20mA percentage measurement, and more.

    1. Display 60000 Digits: Resolution ratio is higher and clearer. The device can be applied to severe environments.

    2. Full Protection Li-ion Battery Supply Power: Super longer working time can be up to continuous 200 hours. No need to buy battery and change battery so as to save cost effectively, reduce operating time and improve work efficiency.

    3.(4-20mA) loopback test: Especially current transducer is measured. It is aimed at the industrial control industry: process sensor, process switch,pressure sensor and temperature sensor

    4. AC+DC Measurement: The device cannot work due to DC under range. AC high-frequency interference can be observed during DC measurement. The application is aimed at: railway-orbital transfer central control system, electricity-photovoltaic contravariant control cabinet and medical treatment-Spiral CT

    5. nS Conductivity Measurement: The higher resistance can be measured. The application field aimed at material testing is: chemical materials production and appraisal company. The application field aimed at safety protection is: protective material production and appraisal company.

    6. Full Range Protection: The multimeter will not be damaged at will operation within range and can reduce financial loss due to misoperation.

    7. Programmable Square Wave Output: The device can output square wave output,aimd at detecting intermediate frequency signal in the audio industry

    8. LOZ Low Impedance Input: Spurious reading generated by remnant voltage(empty voltage) can be measured. Users can effectively discharge the remnant voltage and correctly judge whether there is remnant voltage. The application is aimed at detecting reactive compensation cabinet and fluorescent lamp.

    9. Analog Bar: The dynamic signal can be observed faster and more intuitively.

    10. Data Storage: Multiple records can be saved due to higher extension storage built-in record function before downloading PC

    11. The design accords with safety level standard: IEC EN61010-1 CAT IV 600V/CAT III 1000V overvoltage protection, EN61010-2-030 pollution class 2 and double insulation. The application range is wider and the measurement is safer.