Adapter AUTOMOBILSKI 12>5V, 5 priključaka, 1A,USB, Arcas

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  • Arcas

    The ARCAS brand has been known since 2003 for innovative products in the field of mobile light & mobile energy. All products are manufactured with greatest care and always according to the latest state of art. This makes it possible for us to offer a full range of highest Quality. ARCAS products are sold in major electronics stores, DIY, mail order houses, photo stores and supermarkets. The Berlin Central Europe, with 45,000m² warehouse space, supplies next to the German market across Europe with the world's established ARCAS brand products - if necessary, within 2-3 days to any desired destination.

  • OPIS

    Main Features

    Running Current via the cigarette lighter for 12V and 24V
    Loading many different USB devices
    Short circuit protection:
    reduced before the risk Damage your equipment
    Including 5 adapters:
    1x Micro-USB
    1x Mini-USB
    1x NDS
    1x IP 5/5S, 6/6S
    1x IP 3, 4/4S
    Including cable 110 cm


    Charging Current
    1.000mA (5,0V)
    Input 1.000mA (5,5V)
    LED display green


strujni adapter , auto 12 V , auto upaljač , coax power , USB-A (ž) , crna boja