WENPOD SP1+ 2 axis gimbal-smartphone (K)

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  • OPIS

    Feel like a flimmaker! Shoot smooth&steady videos with yout smartphone

    Take your adventure footage to the next level!!
    The Adventure Smartphone Stabilizer will allow you to do what was previously impossible - SHOOT STABLE HANDHELD FOOTAGE.
    For the first time you can seamlessly switch angles mid-run, adjust the tilt on the go.
    How Does It Work
    A powerful 32 Bit MCU processor works with gyroscopic technology measuring your movements,
    these measurements are then sent to two brushless motoros that contantly react to your movements and keep the camera steady.


    Battery A custom designed Li-Po battery lasts for two plus hours.
    Tilt An adjustable 180 degrees tilt makes it possible to smoothly change your angle on the run.
    Start Time Within seconds of clicking the power button the stabilizer is ready to go.
    Protective Frame A solid aluminum frame protects the camera.
    Compatibility The stabilizer works with most smartphones in the market.

    What's in the box:
    ?Ring Balance