Žarulja auto LED H1 6W , P14,5s

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    1x Halogen LED Car Bulb White H1 9xSMD5050 12V X31 LBX31 Xenon Look Blister Pack

    LED Bulb H1 6W White

    Replacement: H3 12V 55W
    Application: light, driving, fog.
    Description: Ideal for the type of vehicle OFF-ROAD where frequent shock or contact with water leads to the imminent erosion
    of standard halogen bulbs suitable.
    Low power consumption works in scooters.
    Do not heat like a traditional incandescent light bulb, the possibility of a plastic lamp shade.

    Advantages of LED lamps:
    longer life as compared to standard incandescent bulbs
    lower power consumption
    faster on / off
    shock resistance
    easy installation
    more vivid colors

    Our LEDs have, so you do not burn the electrical system with a tolerance of 16V if possible overvoltages.
    be in the Taiwanese chip and not used to a cheap Chinese counterpart in the competition.
    Through the use of Taiwanese components to get more life and more light (lumens) with respect to competitive Chinese products.