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    1. 1. A large working area of 20 x 20 x 19 cm
    The Kreator Motion can boast one of the largest workspaces in its class!
    2. Extraordinary precision and speed
    The Kreator Motion has a print resolution up to 60 µm in the Z axis as well as a heated table.
    Marvel at 3D objects that form in the blink of an eye – the maximum speed of the print head is 130 mm/s.

    3. Printing performance
    Start printing without worrying about the costs.
    A kilogram of filament is enough to create as many as 50 high quality prints.

    4. The ability to print with a variety of materials
    The Kreator Motion allows you to use a wide variety of printing materials (including imitation copper, ABS industrial plastic,
    PLA recycled plastic, rubber-like filaments, composite wood, nylon, PET or materials that change color when exposed to light or temperature)
    without losing your warranty! It’s one of the most versatile 3D printers on the market!

    5. Bundled software and accessories
    With the Kreator Motion you get the easy to use free Cura software, that lets you design each print in an intuitive way.
    For advanced tools to improve your 3d prints you can use Simplify3D in PRO option. Additionally,
    the set also includes an SD card with a capacity of 4GB, which can fit up to 500 high quality projects.

    6. Compatibility and versatility
    The Kreator Motion works with all major operating systems (Windows, OS X, Linux) and supports the major file formats for print: .stl and .obj.
    Create your own designs or download ready-made models from the Internet and enjoy the freedom of creation.

    7. Easy Plug & Play
    Our unit is ready to work right out of the box. You do not have to read a complicated manual or spend hours putting together or configuring a new printer. The Kreator Motion is a simple and intuitive device that doesn’t require technically complicated commands.
    Use it like an ordinary printer – simply connect and print.

    8. Security and extended warranty
    The metal construction and closed printing and filament (consumable) chamber in the Kreator Motion guarantee a safe and smooth printing process.
    The superior quality of our equipment has been CE certified and the warranty can be extended from one year to two years.

    9. Print without a mess of cables
    The Kreator Motion can work without being hooked up to a computer. Upload the print model using an SD card. Forget about tangled cables.

    10. A new generation of office equipment
    From the very beginning our goal was to create the best 3D printer on the market. Smart construction,
    excellent ergonomics and functional design – that’s what makes a Kreator Motion.

    11. We care about our customers
    We provide comprehensive customer service: from helping you purchase your printer, to setting it up and offering advice about printing.
    Contact us by phone or email– we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.
    We guarantee a service response within 24 hours of the first contact with a client.