LEATHERMAN Rebar 831560

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729,00 kn
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12 x 60,75 kn | 24 x 32,50 kn
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  • Leatherman

    Leatherman je američka kompanija specijalizirana za proizvodnju alata. Osnovana je 1983. godine te se nastavlja razvijati. Leathermann je renomirani proizvođač multifunkcionalnih alata i noževa. Chipoteka vam nudi razne vrste multifunkcionalnih alata marke Leatherman.

  • OPIS

    This new soon-to-be favorite rounds out Leatherman's classic "heritage" line of products by offering one in each size category.
    Just like the Super Tool 300, the Rebar pliers have been optimized for strength and
    feature replaceable wire/hard-wire cutters—a first for a four-inch tool from Leatherman.

    With all the features to get even the toughest jobs done, in a smaller, slimmer size,
    the new Rebar is sure to be an instant hit on job sites, and home-projects the world over.

    1. Needlenose Pliers
    2. Regular Pliers
    3. Premium Steel Replaceable Wire Cutters
    4. Premium Steel Replaceable Hard-wire Cutters
    5. Electrical Crimper
    6. 420HC Knife
    7. 420HC Serrated Knife
    8. Wood/Metal File
    9. Saw
    10. Small Screwdriver
    11. Large Screwdriver
    12. Phillips Screwdriver
    13. Awl w/ Thread Loop
    14. Ruler (8 inches/20 cm)
    15. Bottle Opener
    16. Can Opener
    17. Wire Stripper

    - Lanyard Ring
    - All Locking Blades and Tools
    - Stainless Steel Body
    - Stainless Steel Handles