Vaga ovjesna 300kg/0,1kg Steinberg Systems Model SBS-KW-300AB

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  • Steinberg Systems

    Searching for the best scales on the market? Then your choice should fall on Steinberg Systems! We offer a wide range of different scales at unbeatable prices. No matter if floor scales, price scales, precision scales, counting scales, crane scales or platform scales – Steinberg Systems always offers you a suitable product that provides you with accurate results.

  • OPIS

    The crane scale SBS-KW-300AB by Steinberg Systems has a weighing range up to 300kg and an accuracy of 100 grams.
    This scale combines modules of precisest technology and is equipped with the modernst electronic systems to offer measurements of constant accuracy. It is multifunctional, precise, reliable and easy to use.
    The dimensions of the crane scale SBS-KW-300AB ar 8,00 x 29,00 x 5,00 cm for a weight of 0,65 kg.
    Further information on the crane scale SBS-KW-300AB by Steinberg Systems:
    Unit switch

    Article SBS-KW-300AB
    Graduation 100 g
    Accuracy Class GB/T 11883-2002 Class III Equivalent to OIML R76
    Tare Range 100% F.S.
    Auto Zero ± 50% F.S.
    Manual Zero ± 2% F.S.
    Zero-tracking 0.5e/s
    Reading Stable Time ? 10 seconds
    Auto-sleep Sable and no action in 3 sec.
    Auto-off Sable and no action in 3 min.
    Overload 100% F.S. + 9e
    Max. Safety Load 120% F.S.
    Ultimate Load 300% F.S.
    Battery Life >150 hours
    Battery 3 x AA (rechargeable) battery
    Temp. (Op.) - 10°C ~ + 40°C
    Humidity (Op.) ? 90% at 20°C
    Display 0.7 inch (17.78mm) numerical