TINOL 1/2 kg 2mm bez punjenja, Griffon

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  • Griffon

    Griffon offers a range of high quality solution-based products especially for the professional. With this, Griffon guarantees a complete selection for the sanitary and installation sector, for example, irrigation, horticulture, swimming pool construction, building and infrastructure technology. Choosing Griffon is choosing quality. In addition to quality, one of our core values is innovation. Griffon is an internationally recognised specialist with regard to connection techniques for pipe systems made of plastic and metal.

  • OPIS

    TINOL, PROMJER 2,0 mm, TEŽINA 500g


    Productct descscriptption
    Solder Wire Tin/Lead 40/60 solid.
    Field of apppplication
    For soft soldering all metals (excluding aluminium and its alloys) in practically all applications.

    · Temperature resistant 90°C
    · diam. 2 mm
    Quality labels/Standards:
    EN ISO 3677: Alloys for brazing and soft soldering, S-Pb60Sn40.
    EN-29453: Soft soldering metals, chemical composition and forms - alloy number 11 4
    Tools: Soldering iron or burner, flux, steel sponge, pipe cutter, fitting brush, deburrer, Heat-shield, cloth


    Directions for use:
    1. Sand the surfaces to be joined properly and clean (bare metal) with Griffon scouring fibre.
    2. Evenly apply flux with brush on both surfaces to be joined. Avoid using excess flux.
    3. Assemble joint (use only tight fitting parts). Avoid overheating flux; this will cause solder to flow poorly.
    4. Heat the joint evenly until the solder flows into joint. Allow solder to melt on the solder joint and not in flame.
    Fill the solder joint completely.
    5. Thoroughly remove any remaining flux using water or a damp cloth.
    6. Allow the joint to cool.

    Thoroughly remove any remaining flux using water or a damp cloth.

    Points of attention:
    Maximum overlap of pipe connection or overlap connection may be equal to 5 times the wall thickness of material to be joined.
    Recommended gap width tolerance is 0.1 – 0.3 mm.
    Use Heat-Shield to protect walls, tiles, wallpaper, paint and plasterwork.

    Technical spspecifications
    Chemical base: Tin and lead
    Melting range: approx. 183°C - 238°C