Diktafon OLYMPUS VN-416PC Blue (4GB) inc. Batteries, Portable USB Cable

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  • Olympus

    Olympus je međunarodna kompanija specijalizirana za elektroniku. Osnovana je 1919. godine u Japanu. 1990. godine Olympus je predstavio svoju prvu liniju digitalnih fotoaparata. Renomirani je proizvođač fotoaparata, dalekozora, audio uređaja, medicinskih endoskopa i ostale medicinske opreme. Chipoteka vam nudi diktafone i kablove za fotoaparate marke Olympus.

  • OPIS

    Simple and easy to use recorder provides essential functions perfect for beginners

    The entry-level VN series is the perfect solution to record your voice, reminders, notes or just about anything. With its highly-distinctive large LCD screen and speaker, the front panel is designed to be familiar and convenient. Ease-of-use was our prime motivation when designing the front-panel buttons, and as a result, even the beginners can make full use of this device.
    Main Features

    Simple mode perfect for beginners
    A large-diameter low-noise microphone & Built-in stand for clear recording
    The new “Telephone Recording“ and “Duplication“ for Scene Select

    Simple mode perfect for beginners

    The simple mode supports beginners by having the recorder display only the necessary information in large font. It also limits the functions in the menu to those most frequently used. For advanced users, the normal mode with full functionality is recommended.
    A large-diameter low-noise microphone for clear recording

    The large diameter microphone records sound from all directions with less noise providing clearer recordings. The recorder also eliminates breathing sounds which makes this recorder perfect for dictation.
    Built-in stand convenient for recordings

    The built-in stand attached to the back of the body props up the recorder so the display can be viewed and buttons are accessed more easily. The stand also contributes to high quality recording by reducing the noise emitted directly from the surface.
    The new "Telephone Recording" and "Duplication" for Scene Select

    By simply selecting from the menu, you can set optimum recording settings according to the scenes. "Telephone Recording" and "Duplication" have been added as options that are available when the recorder is used in combination with accessories. It is now possible to easily record telephone conversations or duplicate from cassette tapes.
    Dragon NaturallySpeaking Rating: 5 Dragons

    Basic Specifications
    Internal Memory 4GB
    External Memory microSD (up to 32GB)
    PC Connectivity Portable USB Cable
    Recording Format MP3 / WMA
    Battery Required 2-AAA alkaline or NI-MH rechargeable batteries
    Battery Charge None
    Max. Recording Time 1,600 hours
    Max. Battery Life(Recording) 100 hours


Audio formats supported
Maximum recording time