Laboratorijski izvor 15V 60A , SPS-9600

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  • OPIS

    This 900W ( 60A, 1-15V) switching mode power supply has Main output at back and a 5A aux front output.
    It has wired remote on/off , voltage & current control and remote sense . 3 digit current & voltage meters ,
    Constant Current Over-load Protection & Floating ground design.

    Pwr sup. unit type laboratory
    Type of display used 2x LED 3 digits
    Number of channels 1
    Output voltage 0...15V DC
    Output voltage 2 0...15V DC
    Output current 5A
    Output current 2 60A
    Voltage load regulation 0,1% + 5mV
    Voltage (regulated) ripple and noise ?40mVp-p
    Power factor ?0.97
    Efficiency 85%
    Dimensions 110 x 220 x 360mm
    Weight 5.8kg
    Power supply 230VAC 50/60Hz
    Kind of power supply switched-mode

    Measuring instrument features:

    2 LCDs
    power factor active correction system
    overload LED indicator
    voltage remote control function
    output voltage remote adjustment function
    simultaneous voltage and current readout
    overload protection
    short circuit protection
    thermal protection