Prijemnik 8-kanalni, H-tronic HT200E

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  • H-tronic

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    The 8-channel receiver for 868MHz ISM range has been designed as a tap-proof and tamper free remote control.
    The connection between the transmitter and the receiver is encrypted by AES128 and contains a “rolling code”.
    This makes each data package sent to the receiver unique and non-repeatable.
    The learnable receiver allows the operation of up to 32 different transmitters that can be programmed into the receiver by pressing a key.
    The 3 relay outputs with high switching capacity have a changeover contact that may be freely connected.
    Due to the characteristics of the device,this remote control system is ideal for general installation purposes and alarm technology.
    It can be used as a wireless connection for almost all electronic systems at home, in the garden, in the office or in the workshop.
    You can control your garage door, your window blinds, your home lighting, your alarm system wireless and from the comfort of your chair.

    Control of doors, gates, barrier systems and electrically controlled windows.
    Control of lighting circuits and systems; of pumps, air conditioning and water systems; of electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
    More safety through the rolling code encryption (AES128 security principle).
    Operation with up to 32 transmitters which can be programmed in the receiver through keypress
    The LED function indicators are located on the front plate of the device, allowing you to see the status of the receiver at a eglance. Installation
    maintenance and testing are easy to do and inexpensive.
    A free range of approximately 200 m under normal operating conditions.
    Settings will be saved in case of power failure.

    Technical data:
    Operating voltage: 12V DC
    Power consumption: 400mA max.
    Operating frequency: 868.35 MHz, 869.05 MHz or 869.55 MHz
    Mode: Tip or switch function
    Folow up time relay: 200ms/500ms (adjustable)
    Outputs: 8x relay (potential-free)
    Max. load: 250VAC/12A (3000W) or 24VDC/10A
    Max. total load: 3000 W
    Standby current: approx.50 mA