Prijemnik 1-kanalni, H-tronic HT1E

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  • H-tronic

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    The 1-channel receiver HT1E was developed for a tap-proof and tamper-free remote control.
    The connection between a sender (HT8S and HT5S) and the receiver is encrypted by the recognized AES128 method
    and contains a so-called "Rolling Code", this makes each package shipped to the receiver unique and unrepeatable.
    The learnable receiver enables the operation of up to 32 different remote controls that can be
    programmed into the receiver by pressing a button.


    Opening and closing of the roof and wooden windows, awnings
    Control of doors, gates or barriers installations
    Circuits of pumps, air and irrigation systems
    Control of electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems

    Ideal for wireless switching of almost all electrical equipment in the house, garden, office or workshop.
    Security coding "rolling code" highest security standard
    Keeps data when power failure
    Mode: touch or latching function (adjustable)
    Outputs: 1 x relay output (potential-free)
    Technical specifications:
    Operating voltage: 12V =
    Current consumption: max. 80mA
    Operating frequency: 868.35 MHz
    Operating mode: push-button function or latching function
    Stopping time of the relay: 200ms
    Outputs: 1 x relay output (potential-free)
    Maximum connected load: 230VAC / 5A or 24Vdc / 5A