Punjač za 9V Ni-MH/ Ni-Cd baterije MW 6288 GS

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  • Minwa

    Minwa Electronics Co. Ltd, the leading manufacturing company of electronics accessories, was established in 1977. The Company was formed specifically to act as your ODM, OEM partner. Minwa Electronics Co. Ltd has two well equipped factories with laboratories in Shenzhen and Huizhou, enabling us to offer pre and post sales technical support for the vast majority of equipment and components supplied to our customers. We are responsible for providing sales and marketing, trading, technical support and consultant service on electronic components and accessories. Milestones Throughout the years, continuous practices with our well-developed production process lead us forward. Our manufacturing practice is vertically integrated, which involves design, tooling, plastic injection molding, die-stamping, parts assembling, testing, quality assurance as well as product packaging. This flat hierarchy much enhances our flexibility and strengthens our efficiency. Nowadays, a variety of electronics products have been penetrated into more than 75 countries and regions as well as 40 million households throughout these years. Besides, we have an excellent reputation with our customers who range from multinational to diminutive companies in different countries over the world, and we are so proud of the many successful relationships continues to this day. Innovation and creation, pursuance of excellence Minwa Electronics Co. Ltd. exhibits at major electronics shows, primarily in Hong Kong and USA, and continually advertises in two famous electronics magazines -- Hong Kong Enterprises and Hong Kong Electronics. Minwa Electronics Co. Ltd. has always maintained the philosophy of designing a quality product with quality components for durability and long life as our life-long mission. Our mission Provide complete and satisfactory solutions to our customers Produce qualified products with on-time delivery at competitive price Dedicate to our clients’ needs Keep abreast of international and future market

  • OPIS

    Inteligentni punjač za dvije NiMh ili NiCd baterije 8,4 ili 9,6 V
    Isporuka bez baterija.

    dva neovisna kanala punjenja
    struja punjenja 70 mA
    vrijeme punjenja baterije od 200 mAh - 3,5 sati