Punjač Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-ion i olovnih baterija, H-tronic Akkumaster C-5

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  • Tip: za olovne,Ni-Cd,Ni-MH,Li-ion,Li-poly baterije
  • Ulazni napon: 220 - 240 V
  • Baterije uključene: NE
  • Šifra proizvoda: 7111268787
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  • H-tronic

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    Highlights & details

    Simple and intuitive menu guide by menu stick
    USB-interface and USART-TTL interface
    Extensive maintenance programs and fine-tunings of parameters
    Software for comprehensive evaluation battery


    The AkkuMaster C5 is a highly intelligent high-tech, battery chargers, diagnostic and test equipment of the latest generation.
    It's the perfect multi-functional device for NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion, Li-Po and for all conventional Standard-lead-/acid batteries of up to 100 Ah capacity.
    Simple and intuitive menu navigation through menu stick and clear display.
    Special loading program, which allows the charging voltage and charge current to be set manually.
    Display of various set and detected parameters during the service process and the resistance of the power chain,
    "Battery + Charger cable" and charging-/discharging statistic.
    USB-/USART-TTL-interface: For updating firmware and selecting Flash as well as data logging on a PC.
    Remote control system of the device, with the opportunity to develop your own charging-/discharging programs, regardless of device applications.


    6 Maintenance programs
    Maximum output voltage 38 V
    Max power consumption 80 V/A
    Battery capacity 100 mAh - 100 Ah
    Fine adjustments to parameters such as Delta-Peak, charging and discharging current, shutdown current, max. battery temperature, etc.
    Temperature control of battery via thermocouple
    Integrated data logger for recording of charging-/discharging curves-processes without PC
    Temperature-controlled fan
    Data retention on mains failure, automatic restart of an interrupted program.

    • Delivery:
    1. Manual in German and English.
    2. CD with software for large battery evaluation (System requirement: Windows® XP or 7 (32 Bit; 64 Bit)).
    3. 100 cm long connection cable made-up with banana plugs - O 4 mm (suitable for optional charger)
    and un-insulated alligator clips battery is connected directly to the battery.
    4. Thermocouple with about 100 cm long cable.

    System requirements

    Windows 2000 / NT/ XP / Windows Vista.


Tip za olovne,Ni-Cd,Ni-MH,Li-ion,Li-poly baterije
Ulazni napon 220 - 240 V
Baterije uključene NE