Punjač akumulatora 6/8/12 V H-tronic AL-1600

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  • Ulazni napon: 110 - 240 V
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  • H-tronic

  • OPIS

    Compared to conventional chargers that charger is characterized by a higher efficiency (up to 85%)
    and a significantly low weight and smaller dimensions and the same power.
    The integrated electronic charge current control reduced automatically
    when reaching the respective charge voltage the charging current.
    Ideal for automotive, RV, motorcycle and boat or tractor batteries.
    The charger can remain indefinitely connected to the battery, therefore also ideally suited to winter in the batteries.

    Special Features:

    • Modern switching power supply technology
    • Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
    • Constant-Voltage Closing
    • Automatic charging current
    • Do not charge the battery connected in reverse polarity
    • Charging takes place only when the battery is connected correctly
    • Visual display for power, charge and polarity reversal

    Technical data:
    Operating voltage: 220...240V/50-60Hz,
    charge voltage: 6,9 / 9,2 / 13,8 V, with slide switch adjustable.
    Charging current max. 1.6 A constant charge voltage.
    Dimensions: 93 x 65 x 59 mm,
    weight about 255 g.
    Supplied with battery connection terminals and instruction manual.


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Ulazni napon 110 - 240 V
Baterije uključene NE