Punjač akumulatora 2/6/12V 0,6A H-tronic AL-600 Plus

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  • Ulazni napon: 220 - 240 V
  • Baterije uključene: NE
  • Šifra proizvoda: 7111268784
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228,42 kn
Jamstvo: 12 mjeseci Dostava: 5 dana
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Internet bankarstvo (virman)
American Express, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa
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American Express 2-10 rata
MasterCard 2-12 rate
  • H-tronic

  • OPIS

    This charger working with state characteristic curves Chargers and thus ensures optimal charging and Maintenance of lead acid batteries.
    An intelligent software constantly monitors the complete functions and
    controls depending on the state the correct charging process.
    The battery can be connected for months.
    Overcharging is not possible.
    Five LEDs indicate the operating status permanently.
    To winter this automatic charger can constantly remain connected to the battery.

    Special Features
    • multi-stage charging characteristic I/U- I phase, U1-phase U2-phase
    • Automatic battery care mode (automatic Refreshing the battery after charging.)
    • float charging
    • Software-diagnosis of the battery before Beginning of the charging process, battery test function, defect detection
    • For 2V, 6V and 12V lead acid batteries (acid, gel,AGM)
    • Charge current max. 0.6 A (automatic adjustment)
    Technical data: Operating voltage: 220 -240V/AC,
    max. charge current 600mA (12V), 300mA (2V/6V),
    electronic short circuit and reverse polarity protection,
    Overcharge protection,
    dim. (L x W x H) 95 x70 x 55 mm.
    Weight 550 g.


Tip za olovne baterije
Ulazni napon 220 - 240 V
Baterije uključene NE