DJ CD player PIONEER CDJ-100-S

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    Pioneer je međunarodna kompanija specijalizirana za potrošačku elektroniku. Osnovana je 1938. godine u Japanu. Pioneer je predstavio prvi CD player na svijetu. Renomirani je proizvođač profesionalne studijske opreme. Chipoteka vam nudi DJ slušalice, kontrolere, efektore, gramofone, CD playere, zvučnike, stereo receivere, mini linije te auto radio prijamnike marke Pioneer.

  • OPIS

    Sound creation and remix possibilities are only the beginning.

    The CDJ-100S houses a built-in Digital Jog Break feature that offers three different remix assist buttons. The Jog Wheel allows you to speed up and slow down tracks and fine-tune cue points.

    Our CDJ-100S also features a Playing Address bar graph which shows elapsed and remaining playing time of a track. When the track is about to end, it flashes as a warning.

    This entry level deck is ideal for bedroom DJs keen to experience the possibilities of CD play-out technology.
    Main Features CDJ-100S
    Included Accessories Powercord, stereo phono cable, forced eject pin, manual
    Input/Output CDJ-100S
    Disc Slot Yes
    Performance Control CDJ-100S
    Jog Modes CDJ mode
    Pitch Bend Yes
    Specifications CDJ-100S
    Audio Output Level 2 V
    Dimensions (W x H xD) 217 x 91 x 297 mm
    Net Weight 2.2 kg
    Main Features CDJ-100S
    Plays • CD (including CD-R/-RW)
    Anti Vibration Yes
    Input/Output CDJ-100S
    Analogue Output 1 stereo RCA
    Display CDJ-100S
    Display Yes
    Playing Address Yes
    Performance Control CDJ-100S
    Jog Dial size 100,0 mm
    Jog Dial type Sensitive Jog Dial
    Quick Start Yes
    Digital Jog Break Jet, Zip & Wah
    Fader Start / Back Cue start Yes
    Relay Play Yes
    Tempo CDJ-100S
    Master Tempo Yes
    Tempo Control steps 0.1% at +/-10%
    Tempo Control Ranges (CD) +/-10% or +10/-16%
    Front loading Slot-In CD Yes
    Cue Functions CDJ-100S
    Auto Cue Yes
    Manual Cue Yes
    Real Time Cue Yes
    Cue point sampler Yes
    Specifications CDJ-100S
    Frequency Response 4 Hz ~ 20 kHz
    Signal to Noise Ratio 96 dB or more (EIAJ)
    Power Requirements 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz