LNB twin (dvostruki) Metronic 540927

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    This universal LNB allows to receive different channels coming from the same satellite through
    2 TV sets wich are connected to 2 independant satellite receivers.
    It suits to remove the original LNB and replace it with this universal LNB on your satellite dish.
    This universal LNB is compatible also with the satellite receiver having twin tuners.

    • This Universal LNB is compatible also with any kind of satellite receiver on the market
    (The diameter of the fixing bracket has to measure 40 mm).
    • A sliding cover allows to protect the plugs and connection against the bad weather.
    • For the satellites working on KU bandwith
    • Frequency : 10,7 - 12,75 GHz
    • O. L. : 9,75 / 10,6 GHz - 22kHz
    • Dual polarization: H and V
    • Noise : 0,05 dB