Vaga precizna 7,5kg/0,1g Steinberg Systems SBS-LW-7500A

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  • Steinberg Systems

    Searching for the best scales on the market? Then your choice should fall on Steinberg Systems! We offer a wide range of different scales at unbeatable prices. No matter if floor scales, price scales, precision scales, counting scales, crane scales or platform scales – Steinberg Systems always offers you a suitable product that provides you with accurate results.

  • OPIS

    The digital precision scale SBS-LW-7500A by Steinberg Systems has a weighing range up to 7500 g and an accuracy of 0,1 g.
    This scale combines modules of the precisest technology and is equipped with the modernest electronic systems to offer
    measurements of constant accuracy.
    Depending on the setting, the scale can turn off automatically after 2,4 or 8 minutes.
    The scale is multifunctional, precise, reliable and easy to use.

    The dimensions of the digital precision scale SBS-LW-7500A are 26,00 x 8,00 x 18,00 cm for a weight of 1,80 kg.

    Accuracy of 0,1 g
    LCD display
    Weighing platform of 18 x 18 cm, stainless steel
    Foot screws
    Charger included

    Power 230V
    Weighing range up to 7500 g
    Weighing class 3
    Minimal weight 0,5 g
    Divisions 0,1 g
    Dimensions of the platform 18 x 18 cm
    Functions Tare, Zero, Counting, Units
    Unit switch g / ct / lb / oz / dr / gn / ozt / dwt /…
    Linearity 0,10%
    Repeatability +/- 1d
    Overload 135%
    Humidity (Op.) < 70%
    Temperature (Op.) 0 /+ 40 C
    Display LCD

    Features of warehouse equipment:

    without legalization
    available 13 units of weight
    alarm function
    function calibration
    energy saving function
    tare function
    reset function
    counting function
    Težina bruto: 2.4 kg