Grafitni prah za brave i sl., 10g

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    grafitni prah u tubi sa aplikatorom, 10 grama

    primjena: za podmazivanje cilindar brava, za kalupe za lijevanje, za povećanje vodljivosti itd...

    Product description
    Dry-film lubricant based on pure graphite.
    Field of application
    For lubricating large hinges (garden fences, gates) and open lock systems such as tumbler locks (warded lock, lever tumbler lock).

    · High load-bearing capacity
    · Moisture-resistant
    · Chemicals-resistant
    · Electrical conductor
    · Handy dispenser bottle

    Preliminary surface treatment: Thoroughly clean, degrease and dry surface.

    Directions for use:
    Apply powder using the nozzle. If lubricating a hinge or lock, open and close several times to evenly distribute the powder.
    Stains/residue: Remove any external residue with a cloth. Contact with clothing etc. can cause permanent stains.
    Points of attention: For cylinder locks, use Griffon Lock Spray.
    Technical properties
    Temperature resistance: Up to 540°C.

    Technical specifications
    Chemical base: Colloidal graphite (92-96%)
    Colour: Black
    Storage conditions
    At least 24 months. Store in well-sealed packaging in a dry, cool, frost-free place.