Daljinski univerzalni VALUELINE VLR-RC001 10in1

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    10 in 1 preprogrammed remote control suitable for over 250 brands including most major ones. It is compatible with: TV/CTV/VCR/DBS/SAT/CBL/HiFi/CD/LD/VCD/DVD.

    If the batteries are replaced within 20 minutes, the remote does not have to be reprogrammed as it remembers the stored device for max. 20 minutes.

    10-1 Preprogrammed remote control suitable for over 250 brands.

    • Code input: Preprogrammed
    • Buttons: Rubber
    • Power: 2x AAA (not incl.)
    Device Various
    Code Input PreProgrammed
    Features 10:1
    Transmission Infrared
    Colour Black
    Buttons Rubber
    Surface Plastic
    Batteries 2x R3 (AAA)