PURO UNIV.TORBICA eko-koža 360° sa 3M naljepnicm CRNA/SIVA veličina XL (K)

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    The Uniwallet Bi-Color case is the perfect accessory to protect your smartphone and organize cards, credit cards, bank notes and business cards. You can hold it all in a single compact housing and protective, made of faux leather with horizontal magnetic closure.

    The hUniwaller Bi-Color case is characterized not only by the 2 internal slot cards, but also for the 360° system rotation for the use of the camera: the 3M sticker, which adheres perfectly to the device, preventing an accidental fall, coupled with the 60° system rotation allows free access to the camera. In addition, the Stand Up function allows the easy use of the smartphone while using the keyboard and video display. The magnetic closure keeps a side profile ultra slim, stylish and practical. The Uniwallet Bi-Color case has holes for the microphone that allow you to use your smartphone in any situation.

    Available in sizes M, L, XL and XXL, the collection comes in black, white and pink with contrast linings.

    Domestic measures XL: L 7,5 x H 15 cm

    • Frontal flap with magnetic lateral opening
    • External/internal colour in contrast
    • 3M sticker and 360° rotation system
    • Free access to the camera
    • Stand up function
    • 2 card slots
    • Hole for speaker and microphone
    • MATERIAL: eco-leather