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Lemna stanica za SMD ZD-912, lemilo,vrući zrak, 160-480°C

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  • Šifra proizvoda: 7300083485
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1.389,60 kn
Jamstvo: 12 mjeseci Dostava: 5 radnih dana
12 x 128,67 kn | 24 x 68,84 kn
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  • Ningbo Zhongdi

    Ningbo Zhongdi Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Soldering Irons, Temperature controllable soldering stations ,desoldering pump, glue guns , magnifying lamps , electric tool kits etc . We have been working in the soldering field for more than 20 years . Thanks to the persistent adhering to the belief of “Quality excellent, Customers first ; Intensify management , Surpass best ”, we have been able to develop ourselves into an enterprise covering area of 10000 square meter , which producing 12 million US Dollar worth of Products yearly for clients from more than 50 countries . Patented products : Our 8 members professional R&D team put forward many kinds of new products each year . Up till now we already have developed more than 30 patented products , which benefit our clients good sale advantage in their market . Well trained workers : We has introduced “6S”Management System (namely , SEIRI ,SEITON,SEISO,SEIKETU,SHITSUKE, SECURITY )into our factory to regulate our management in workshop. By holding training lessons to our workers two times each month, our Employees in the factory has significantly improved their skills and enhanced their understanding on quality importance ,which in return has ensured our products quality .


  • OPIS

    ZD-912 - Soldering and rework station.
    The temperature of each channel is displayed in two independent LCD displays.
    Temperature setting is done with buttons on the front panel.

    Suitable for soldering and desoldering all types of surface mounted IC and preventing any damage to the PCB or components,
    our soldering station offers a high performance and multi-functional station for electronic product research, production and rework.
    It is especially designed for lead-free production techniques.

    Two micro-processors automatically control the soldering iron and the hot air desoldering tool.
    Precise temperature control at the soldering tip is guaranteed due to the digital control electronics,
    high quality sensor, and heat exchange system.

    The high power and slim design make this iron an ideal choice for fine soldering work.
    The heating element is made of PTC and the sensor on the soldering tip can quickly and accurately control the soldering temperature.
    The hot air gun offers 320W power and a continuously adjustable temperature range from 160C to 480C

    Sponge dimensions: 60x50 mm

    2 IN 1 Soldering & Repair station.
    230Vac 50Hz 380W. grey color.
    Double LCD display.
    Iron:24V 60W
    Replacement tips 7300083749,7300083750 and 7300083752
    Hi-quality heater with ZD-10K stand.
    Hot air SMD:230V 320W. with 4pcs nozzle.
    European type 2p round plug(No.2).
    cable:0.75/sq x 1.35M.

    "CE," approval & "RoHS