Adapter BNCx4>RJ45 ( do 400 m ), 1 kom

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  • OPIS

    4-channel passive video drivers, Connection: BNC (75ohm)
    RJ45 (100ohm) for twisted pair. Power: no

    More general information:

    UTP coaxial converter, a transmission device, which oferes signal in black & white or color cameras. Use UTP cable to route the receiving unit.
    Use UTP CAT5 cable or better quality.


    - Bridging of larger distances compared to the coaxial cable
    - Interference-free signal transmission
    - Compatible with CCTV systems

    - Built-in transient protection to eliminate voltage spikes
    - It can be transfered 4 signals in one cable, for example. video, audio, data, telephone and power supply.
    - Easy to install, cost-effective compared to the Coax assembly.
    - Passive signal transmission distances: black - white video signal: 610mm,
    color image transfer from event 400 m (depending on cable quality)
    active elements: about 1000-1200.