sklop za pogon 2 DC motora, ili jednog stepper motora

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    The TB6612FNG (308k pdf) is a great dual motor driver that is perfect for interfacing two small DC
    motors such as our micro metal gearmotors to a microcontroller, and it can also be used to control
    a single bipolar stepper motor. The MOSFET-based H-bridges are much more efficient than the
    BJT-based H-bridges used in older drivers such as the L298N and Sanyo’s LB1836M, which allows
    more current to be delivered to the motors and less to be drawn from the logic supply (the LB1836
    still has the TB6612 beat for really low-voltage applications). Our little breakout board gives you
    direct access to all of the features of the TB6612FNG and adds power supply capacitors and
    reverse battery protection on the motor supply (note: there is no reverse protection on the Vcc connection).


    Integrated circuit TB6612FNG
    Max. frequency 100kHz
    Output current 1A
    Motor input voltage 4.5...13.5V
    Logic input voltage 2.7...5.5V
    Number of channels 2
    Interface PWM
    Board dimensions 15.2 x 20.3mm